May 2022 - June 2023

I CREATE... Southwark Council research and development grant

Henry III kept a polar bear in the Tower of London, which was led down by its keepers to fish in the Thames. Chimpanzee tea parties were held in Regent's Park and London Zoo from 1926 until 1972. This research grant has allowed for time spent exploring the social and psychic impact of architecture, parks and wildlife in the city, particularly in relation to the Victorian era and the crumbling defences of a colonial Empire. Working with local archives, findings point to subtle modes of control and surveillance as well as glimpses into other possible worlds in the city.

Research outputs include a film experiment renegotiating found footage, newly-shot 16mm film and the archival, that explores overlapping more-than-human histories, urban landmarks and lingering ghosts. A piece of short prose has been designed into a poster, which is available as a handout, alongside a paper fortune teller detailing various research avenues, at Southwark Heritage Centre x Walworth Library.